Josh Duggar and Ashley Madison

So family values maven Josh Duggar has been outed by hacktivists self-righteously exposing data ripped from Ashley Madison, the married dating site. Yikes. I’m sure many more will come.

Why does society get so downright gleeful when someone like that is exposed as a fraud, a hypocrite? Someone who puts out a standard they try to live up to… What’s wrong with trying to be as “perfect” as you can? Why do we cheer when they fail?

Because their higher standard indicts us. The contrast makes us feel bad about ourselves – OR at least it is maybe supposed to. It’s that whole better-than-you kind of thing. Holier than thou.

And then you find out they molested their sisters and cheat on their wife.

Makes everyone else feel a little less lowly down here on the pedestal observatory.

I have mixed feelings about the hacktivists statements though. Like everyone on the site needs a scarlett A on their foreheads. Society is still doing that?

From my time spent hosting a former prostitute on her book tour, I learned all kinds of eye opening things about cheaters. There are all kinds of reasons men cheat. Dare I say, some even have compelling personal reasons to cheat? Spouse going through serious health or mental things, dementia or the like… still care about her, no interest at all in abandonment or divorce, but want a need met every now and then… Doesn’t come from ugliness or spite or carelessness, but actually seeing a prostitute helps them stay and be supportive in the ways their wife needs, while meeting a human need they have that the wife cannot handle at the moment. Or maybe ever again. There are situations like that…

Probably 90% of the men on Ashley Madison are just indulging in ugly, duplicitous behavior. The worst thing about what most of those men are doing is they are going against the agreed upon contract in the relationship. Their wives should have had the chance to know they are in an open relationship, but they likely don’t, until now.

Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure.

But most women find the idea of an open marriage sort of offensive. It negates the whole reason they got married and made a commitment in the first place. Men, however, some of them, never tire of the chase. They think they can give it up, then they hit middle age and wonder if they really did sow enough of those wild oats… Do they still got it….

If you can’t let your wife know she is in an open relationship, you are in the wrong relationship, obviously. But you are going to do it anyway, because you’re a selfish jerk. And you’re going to stay with her because you have kids, right?

Ashley Madison was society making that whole thing easy on you. And the hack is society coming in and tattooing an A on your face anyway.

Was it worth it?



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Listen here: Full Frontal Liberty 5 – Scams!

Your elderly mother calls you and asks to borrow $50,000 and needs it tonight.  What do you do?  That happened to my guest whose mother ended up losing nearly $200,000 to a Jamaican lottery scam.

Keep listening after the podcast for a bonus feature: some actual voicemail messages from the scam artists!

Links for this episode:


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April 12, 2013 · 4:55 pm

Full Frontal Liberty 5 – Scams!

Your elderly mother calls you and asks to borrow $50,000 and needs it tonight.  What do you do?  That happened to my guest whose mother ended up losing nearly $200,000 to a Jamaican lottery scam.

Listen here:

Keep listening after the podcast for a bonus feature: some actual voicemail messages from the scam artists!

Links for this episode:

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On Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

A few things help me deal patiently with my 2 year old when he is in (not so) rare form.  

Understanding Toddler Psychology
They want what they want when they want it.  They are not yet able to fully communicate what they want, but they want it BAD.  They have no impulse control yet.  They have not yet mastered patience and delaying gratification.  They are still learning their own biological signals.  All of this makes for a VERY frustrating experience.  They lose control of their emotions and this can actually frighten them, adding even more to the emotional upset.  Its like a feedback loop they can’t get out of.  What they need from you is strength.  They need to see that you are in control of your emotions, you are calm and eventually that will be calming.  They need to feel that you empathize, but you can have empathy without giving in.  

This Too Shall Pass
It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with at times, but it won’t be this way forever.  At least tantrums won’t always take this form.  But now they are still small enough to lift up and remove when all else fails.

You’re a good mom.

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Full Frontal Liberty Podcast Episode 4 – Rachel Interviews Obama!

Full Frontal Liberty 4

Rachel calls in some favors and gets the big interview with Obama!  Be warned though: the president has a bit of a potty mouth.

Also, more on prison labor, Lockheed Martin and Wal-Mart.

And Rachel Reads the News


On Wal-Mart and Martori Farm

Lockheed Martin and Unicor Prison Labor

Book:  Three Felonies a Day

Mike Krauss: Prisons for Profit: The New Slave Labor

Explaining Obamacare Nicely to Donna Brazile

Maxine Waters on a 110% Job Loss from Sekwester


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Full Frontal Liberty 3 – The State’s Slave Plantations


Intertwining issues in today’s podcast  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN) are Sinead O’Connor’s discussion of her experience in the Magdalene Laundries, which used slave labor for the Catholic Church in Ireland and the laundries that exist in American prisons today.

Not only that but the modern plantations that the state operates with inmate labor

One of Bob Sloan’s great articles on this–INSOURCING-Analysis-Prison-Labor-Competing-For-Your-Job

So is this why the state wants to imprison you for stupid reasons?

More links:


Show notes:

Two issues have caught my attention in the blogosphere that I see as somewhat related.


First, Sinead O’Connor has opened up about the abuses she witnessed during her time as a teenager in the Magdalene Laundries operated by the catholic church in Ireland.  These laundries utilized the slave labor of women imprisoned often for very petty crimes or no crimes at all.  These were places you could send your delinquents, your unwed mothers, etc.  Sinead was sent there for shoplifting and held for 18 months and forced to work in the laundry that served the church, hospitals and had lucrative private contracts as well.


People are shocked that this went on in Ireland until the last laundry closed in 1997, but what people don’t know is that this is happening right under our noses here at home.  Today.


In North Carolina, Correction Enterprises operates a massive laundry operation using inmate labor.  They process over 34 million pounds of laundry annually – and this is direct from their own website, linked in my blog entry on this.  Their clients are themselves, which you might expect, but also hospitals, and other state agencies.  34 million pounds.  7 laundry facilities are located across the state of North Carolina, including one in BroughtonHospital, which is a psychiatric hospital.


Laundry is not all we make the inmates do.  In the state which boasts the furniture capital of the world, High Point, inmates are making furniture.  For $1 a day.  There is also a frame shop for custom framing – I just spent a crap ton of money to have something custom framed, but the state has prisoners do that for them.  I wonder how my frame shop feels about that.  That there are inmates doing their job for $1 a day.  And They don’t even get to keep much of that dollar.  Much of it goes to restitution and court costs.  People, these are slaves.


Slaves you say?  Yes.  They even own and operate a plantation.  I will read right from the website of Caledonia Correctional Institution


About 5,500 acres of farmland are under cultivation at Caledonia. Correction Enterprises manages the farm which contains cattle, chickens and row crops such as corn, wheat, cotton and soybeans. In addition, the inmates farm 300 acres of vegetables like tomatoes, sweet corn, collard greens, sweet potatoes, squash, cucumbers and melons. During the off-season, fresh vegetables are grown in green houses.

Inmates also work in the prison’s cannery. The cannery processes and cans crops grown on the farm for distribution to prison kitchens across the state. It is 12,770 square feet and has the capability of canning about 500,000 gallons of commodities per year.

What does that sound like to you?  That’s a plantation.  Yes, folks, the State of NC has black men picking cotton today for little to no wages and they’re not allowed to leave.  They’re not even allowed to strike. In Georgia, which has a similar program, inmates tried a work stoppage and many were beaten within an inch of their lives, so much for voluntary.  And so much for all of this labor going back into feeding the prison population – in Georgia one of the grievances of the striking workers was poor quality of the food including lack of fruits and vegetables.  Where are all the vegetables going, if not to prisoners, as is claimed by the agency website?


As far as training and giving inmates skills for out in the workforce, Bob Sloan a journalist published in the Daily Kos on this issue finds that prisons highly favor lifers in their work programs, and those with long sentences.  The average sentence of laborers in California prisons is 15 years.  Maybe its not about training for the outside, but not wasting training on labor you’re just going to lose.


In North Carolina, Corrections Enterprises reports annual income of close to $100 million a year.  Right now they are only supposed to sell their services to other state agencies, but they have active plans to expand their market share through legislation.  They want to operate in other industries and increase their customer base.  In this economy, that especially means displacing civilian labor with sweat shop labor in prison.  Do you think they might also want to increase their labor pool?


Which brings me to the second story I wanted to address – HB34, a bill in NC to criminalize nipple exposure.  People are frustrated that the legislature is wasting time on this, that its frivolous and stupid and there are more important things for our lawmakers to be doing.  Maybe its more insidious and evil than that.  Maybe its just our legislators, at the prompting of powerful forces within the prison industrial complex, looking for more silly reasons to cage people.  Maybe law enforcement goes to that topless rally in Asheville every year and sees some women that would make good laundresses, or worse…  Maybe they like the idea of having attractive female inmates at their disposal.


HB 34 is scheduled for a vote in the NC legislature Tuesday the 26 of February.  It has 12 cosponsors that need to be asked if they are just looking for excuses to incarcerate more women to use as slaves.  It’s a $100 million industry.  It’s a pretty big deal.


And its also a BIG reason we won’t be getting rid of the drug war anytime soon.  You know that as soon as the police make a drug arrest the cash register starts ringing.  There are fines and fees, court costs, side industries like attorneys and bail bondsmen that start salivating, and of course asset forfeiture which means all your stuff belongs to the state to auction off well before you’re convicted of anything.  Then you get sent to prison.  If it’s a private prison, they’re getting paid $40,000 a year to house you.  And of course, what I’ve been talking about today – the value of your labor as a slave to the state.


Marijuana is the grass that feeds that cash cow.  Just so you know what we’re up against.


Alarmists scream that one day FEMA will operate work camps for American citizens.  People, we already do.  We already do.





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Full Frontal Liberty Episode 2

On the Dehumanization of Military and Law Enforcement

Click here

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc and their controversial “No More Hesitation” series of cardboard targets features pregnant women, children and the elderly to help cops learn how to shoot at them without pesky compassion or horror at what they are doing getting in the way.

Military suicides and the need for better mental healthcare access?  How about a less dehumanizing foreign policy…

Of course the Drug War and accepting its premises enable the dehumanizing of law enforcement at home.  Accepting the justifications for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars allows our military to be dehumanized abroad.

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